The Alpine Fantasy of Victor B

Salvador Dali, Giorgio de Chirico and Andy Warhol all wrote fiction - but there has never previously been a compilation of artists' stories. The Alpine Fantasy of Victor B and Other Stories brings together 17 of Britain's leading contemporary artists in one collection.

Moving, humorous and sometimes deeply macabre, this collection deals with dementia, mortality, mass murder and madness. A young woman derails a train killing twenty people as an experiment in conquering death; a boy fakes an accident to get the attention of the girl of his dreams; an alpine hiker advocates murder as an environmental clean-up solution; and time goes backwards as we witness the 'unlynching' of a paedophile by the local neighbourhood watch. Challenging and expanding notions of what artists do, The Alpine Fantasy of Victor B and Other Stories is a haunting exploration of the impulses that drive today's artists.

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